Are You Ready to File for Divorce in Jenkintown, PA?

Are You Ready to File for Divorce in Jenkintown, PA?

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The Law Office of Anthony J Sciolla Jr. provides personalized counsel, support and guidance to get you through the emotional process of divorce in Jenkintown, PA. He can help you file for three types of divorce in Pennsylvania:

Fault divorce: If abuse or adultery was committed, you’re dealing with a fault-based divorce. Only about 2% of divorces in Pennsylvania are fault-based. They’re typically more expensive, require a master’s hearing and make equitable distribution more complicated.

No-fault divorce: You can file for a no-fault divorce after you’ve been separated for one
year. This is usually an easier divorce process.

Mutual consent divorce: 90 days after service of a divorce complaint, you can both
agree that you want to go through with a divorce.

Equitable distribution, which involves splitting up marital estate, job support and child custody, applies to all three types of divorce. No matter which type of divorce you’re dealing with, your divorce attorney can help you every step of the way. Call now to schedule your consultation.

Learn more about the divorce process

The Law Office of Anthony J Sciolla Jr. makes the legal process easy for you. Here’s what you can expect during the process:

  1. We’ll conduct interviews to go through every aspect of the relationship. It could take a couple of hours to discuss the specifics of your situation.
  2. Then we’ll start with the letters that we want to file for a divorce complaint, depending on the county you live in.
  3. Next, we’ll handle equitable distribution, where you’ll divide the assets that you accrued during course of marriage. This will include pensions, investments, spousal support and homes. If children are involved, we’ll discuss child support and custody.
  4. We’ll work out the specifics outside of court, hold a master’s hearing or take your case to a judge for a court hearing.

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